Jacky Alciné


A software engineer with a penchant towards libre/free software usage & endorsement across the stack.

Work Experience

  • Glitch, Software Engineer

    Aug 2019–May 2020

    During my time on the Platform team, I contributed to

    • Refactoring endpoints in the existing API system to a newer one,
    • Adding tooling to make internal project statement easier
    • Updating internal clients to make use of the newer API

  • black.af, Consulting Engineer

    Sept 2018–Present

    I've helped improve the quality of existing client projects and brought a few of them to market. There's more information about these clients at black.af.

  • Lob, Senior Software Engineer

    Nov 2017–July 2018

    I was responsible for improving PDF rendering for clients of their final letters and adding functionality for customers to dynamically add and remove features from their accounts.

  • Lyft, Software Engineer


    Some of the things I worked on at Lyft were:

    • Working on implementing a message templating system to replace explicit calls to vendors to reach users
    • Added an interface in the internal system to manipulate said templates and make them visible in user profiles
    • Added adaptivity to said tooling to allow for users to adjust their channels for receiving information
    • Added logic to help use less numbers when routing calls between users

    UpLyft Forward, Co-Lead


    I introduced two community building events around media, pop culture and social interactions that allow fellow Black employees of any organization within Lyft to find a sense of community amongst one another. I also facilitated an internal teaching around the genesis and prevalence of Juneteenth, allowing allies and identifying members alike to learn about the importance of said event.

  • Clef, Software Engineer


    In my year at Clef, I was given the opportunity to work on all aspects of the platform. This ranged from:

    • maintaining our Android library
    • working on the core API used by our client applications
    • moving our development environment to use more virtualization
    • working on the cross-platform mobile SDK for Instant 2FA

Technical Skills

  • Rails, Django, Phoenix
  • CSS/Sass, HTML5
  • JavaScript, TypeScript
  • Elixir, Rust, Python
  • Docker, Terraform, Ansible